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About Excelsior Rathfarnham

Excelsior is a takeaway restaurant started by a group of food enthusiasts. We travelled the world and collected some best food recipes. The kitchen is managed by professional chefs who care much about your taste buds. Excelsior will make you experience the rich food culture and tradition of China, Thailand and Malaysia. It brings the taste from those regions and delivers to your plate. Whether you are longing for a small bite or you want to take a voluptuous lunch or dinner, Excelsior is right there for you We care your hunger, your taste buds and your budget. The best value-for-money restaurant is in town. Do yourself a favour and order your food today! 

Excelsior Rathfarnham Restaurant

Located in the southside suburb of Dublin, Rathfarnham; Excelsior is one of the best takeaway restaurants in the area It is really close to Nutgrove Shopping Centre at 106 Nutgrove Avenue. It is strategically placed at the middle of the city. We are within your reach from all corners of Rathfarnham. Remember us when you feel hungry when you are shopping nearby. When you want to get in your partner's heart through food, there is no better place in the city of Dublin. Come with friends and families and taste the Chinese, Thai and Malaysian delicacies. Easily one of the best in Dublin, it's a must visit restaurant for food lovers.

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